Why choose Hamilton as your service provider for NG911?

Since 1901, we have been meeting telecommunication and technology needs.  We are a trusted provider and committed to ensuring we deliver the latest in technology with personalized customer service.

With 27 years of experience partnering with regulatory entities, developing state-wide contracts and providing Relay services on a national level—Hamilton pairs an industry-standard reputation with top-quality service.

  • A Robust Telecommunications Infrastructure.
  • Experience in contracted telecommunications services on state and local levels.
  • A wide range of regulatory experience.
  • A broad understanding of accessibility components.
  • 116 year history of managing reliable networks.

Hamilton NG911 meets the needs of modern-day emergency communications with a focus on next-generation innovations.

“Hamilton has been providing 911 service to its subscribers since its introduction in 1968. We were involved very early in the provision of Caller ID for 911 services, as well as in the subsequent conversion to E911. In addition, we have become very familiar with 911 agencies and public service organizations across the country through our telecommunications relay and captioned telephone services. We now have the resources to take a larger role in the country’s conversion to Next Generation 911.”

John Nelson

Through a broad range of experiences and a robust telecommunications infrastructure, Hamilton remains the leading organization for delivering this critical service.  Continued involvement with cutting-edge technology will ensure Hamilton remains a leader in the telecommunications industry while introducing continual opportunities for innovation and expansion.  Hamilton NG911 ensures:

  • Experience –meeting the ever-changing communications and technology needs since 1901.
  • Trust – a dependable partner while providing reliable solutions, accessibility and expertise.
  • Commitment – delivering the latest technology and personalized customer service.

Hamilton NG911 is a division of Hamilton Telecommunications, a diversified telecommunications and technology services provider based in Aurora, Nebraska.

Founded in 1901, Hamilton encompasses eight primary company divisions that allow Hamilton to operate on a local, regional and national basis.

Learn more at www.HamiltonTel.com.