Next Generation Call Handling

A total conversation solution.

Introducing MEVO(+), a fail-safe route for NG 9-1-1 calls.  This state-of-the-art system integrates into Next Generation Core platforms and provides disaster recovery and backup solutions.  With MEVO(+), 9-1-1 call completion is ensured and can accommodate the full breadth of text solutions, location tracking and more.


MEVO is a call-handling software specifically engineered for 9-1-1 operations.  The “plus” or (+) is the addition of the cutting-edge capabilities when the software is deployed through the Hamilton IP Phone – MEVO(+).  Redundant, resilient and reliable, the platform is first in its class for maintaining premium operational standards and launching 9-1-1 service into the next generation.



The MEVO(+) solution is designed to meet 99.999% availability while ensuring call quality meets performance standards.  As part of Next Generation Core Services, this system also provides an enhances level of 9-1-1 functionality critical to PSAP operations.  These features include a customizable display, touchscreen capabilities, rebid, call history and much more.  Whether this service is the primary or ancillary system, this allows for dispatcher full functionality, secure disaster recovery and industry-standard continuity of operations.

Other core features include:

  • Secure failover and/or overflow solution
  • IP Protocol based phone
  • Delivery of all classes of calls
  • Portable use (if needed)
  • Automatic Location Information (ALI)
  • Rebidding, touchscreen, customizable dashboard
  • Full text TO and FROM 9-1-1
  • Real-Time Text (RTT) capabilities
  • And more

As a call handling solution, MEVO(+) may be used to complement the existing equipment and software already deployed in your PSAP.  The device displays the vital information needed by the dispatcher to handle 9-1-1 calls while service as a unique and secure failover solution.

MEVO(+) is a Next Gen solution and is ready for implementation today!

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