Hamilton NG911 provided a featured tech demo at the NG911 Technology Showcase in Washington D.C. February. Hosted by the NG911 Institute, Hamilton took the stage to demonstrate an innovative new device designed for Real-Time Text (RTT) capabilities.

Lead by Toni Dunne, ENP, Hamilton NG911 National Account Manager, and Jeff Knighton, Hamilton Innovations President, the Hamilton IP Phone was introduced to the public safety sector for the first time. This device is the first of its kind with call handling and real-Time Text correspondence. Powered by INdigital and delivered by Hamilton, this innovative tool equips the public safety sector with the latest Next Generation 9-1-1 texting services.

The video, courtesy of the NG911 Institute, features the full presentation of the Hamilton IP Phone given by Dunne and Knighton.

The NG911 Technology Showcase provides Members of Congress and their staff with valuable insights into the development of important 9-1-1 technologies and applications. Leading tech companies, including Hamilton NG911, provide demonstrations of consumer and NG911 technologies with an emphasis on how 9-1-1 has advanced since the early days of the service. Hamilton NG911, and the new RTT capable device, serves as an industry leading solution provider.

If you would like to learn more about the innovative Hamilton IP Phone, contact us for additional information and an exclusive demo.