Cyber Security & RTT Panels – Hamilton NG911 at APCO 2019

APCO 2019, the largest public safety conference in the U.S., was another successful opportunity to celebrate the industry and help move the conversation forward on NG 9-1-1.  Hosted at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD, Hamilton NG911 featured presenters and roundtable discussions on Real-Time Text, cyber security and what they mean for the future of 9-1-1 services.

Watch the panels featuring Hamilton NG911 below.

Cyber Security Challenges and Opportunities for 9-1-1

Moderator:  Toni Dunne, ENP, National Account Manager – Hamilton NG911

Panelists:  Rob Leonard, Security Manager – Hamilton NG911
Jay English, CTO – APCO International
Mark Perkins, Sr. Consultant – Mission Critical Partners

Key Topics:

  • Significant challenges of public safety agencies and cyber security.
  • Tackling funding misconceptions.
  • Resources for best operational practices.
  • Assessing disconnects between enterprise and public safety.

Managing the Transition to RTT in 9-1-1

Panelists:  Toni Dunne, ENP, National Account Manager – Hamilton NG911
Jeff Knighton, President – Hamilton Innovations
April Heinze, ENP, 9-1-1 & PSAP Operations Director – NENA
Drew Morin, Federal Cyber Security & Engineering Programs Dir. – T-Mobile

Key Topics:

  • FCC Updates
  • PSAP and Accessibility Impact
  • User Interfaces, Infrastructure and Implementation

As the industry moves closer to widespread NG 9-1-1 implementation, cyber security and Real-Time Text surface as primary areas of focus, and Hamilton is helping to lead the way with innovative solutions.

Hamilton NG911 provides reliable, innovative NG9-1-1 solutions dedicated to helping public safety officials accommodate modern communication methods.  If you would like to learn more about how Hamilton NG911 solutions implements NG 9-1-1 and network security solutions, contact us to book a free, exclusive demo.

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