Phishing E-Mails: 5 Things You Need to Know


Rob Leonard Hamilton Information Security Manager, Robert Leonard, shares helpful tips on recognizing common phishing e-mail threats. With many teams now doing more remote work than they had in the past, there has also been an increase of regular email action and potentially hazardous messages hitting inboxes. Specifically, phishing attacks. Not long ago, phishing was primarily aimed at the consumer market, and malware was considered the biggest threat to PSAPs. Today, phishing is the top social attack on businesses, responsible for the majority of security breaches. Phishing is becoming more sophisticated, and although there are dozens of techniques phishers [...]

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Cybersecurity: NG 9-1-1 Best Practices & Case Studies | Webinar


Uptime and availability are of vital importance to 9-1-1. Understanding the threats and potential hazards targeting a PSAP network are only half the battle. Aligning the technology and infrastructure to support and secure call-handling and Next Generation operational initiatives needs to be considered. But what does that look like on a practical level? Earlier this spring, Hamilton NG911 hosted a webinar in partnership with APCO International designed to help the emergency services sector better secure their digital operations. Because every second counts, it is vital to ensure those seconds are as reliable as possible. The in-depth discussion on strengthening cybersecurity posture [...]

Cybersecurity: NG 9-1-1 Best Practices & Case Studies | Webinar2022-04-25T10:58:13-05:00

Next Gen Call-Handling


As more Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) implement Next Generation 9-1-1 systems, innovative technology is needed to enhance continuity of operations, disaster recovery and more. To better accommodate all the changes the new IP infrastructure brings, an innovative, up-to-date call-handling solution is needed. Introducing MEVO(+), a fail-safe route for NG 9-1-1 calls. This state-of-the-art system integrates into Next Generation Core platforms and Legacy systems in providing disaster recovery and backup solutions. With MEVO(+), 9-1-1 call completion is ensured and can accommodate the full breadth of text solutions, location tracking and more. What is MEVO(+)? MEVO is a call-handling software engineered for [...]

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Text Solutions: Know the Difference and What They Mean for NG 9-1-1


When it comes to communication with 9-1-1, there are important distinctions to be made about the variety of accessible text options.  Text communication has been an area of expertise for Hamilton® for decades and serves as a key component of the Next Generation (NG) solutions they offer. Text messaging is the most used data service in the world.  As technology, and the reliance on mobile devices grows, publicly provided communication services face the ever-growing challenge of legacy compliance while implementing modern communication modalities.  The 9-1-1 industry and wireless carriers are preparing to implement a new wave of technology solutions.  With [...]

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Planning for the Unplanned in NG 9-1-1 | Webinar


How do we know we’re fully prepared? When it comes to 9-1-1 every second counts.  Ensuring maximum uptime and call-handling capabilities are vital to a public safety operation.  But with Next Generation 9-1-1 implementation across the country, there are new challenges to be mindful of regarding your operation. That’s why we believe in helping you prepare. We recently hosted an online discussion on this very topic illustrating what incident response and disaster preparedness looks like for PSAPs heading into NG 9-1-1 service. If the goal is to make 9-1-1 functional with all forms of communication, it [...]

Planning for the Unplanned in NG 9-1-1 | Webinar2020-01-07T20:31:03-06:00

Cybersecurity & RTT Panels – Hamilton NG911 at APCO 2019


APCO 2019, the largest public safety conference in the U.S., was another successful opportunity to celebrate the industry and help move the conversation forward on NG 9-1-1.  Hosted at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD, Hamilton NG911 featured presenters and roundtable discussions on Real-Time Text, cyber security and what they mean for the future of 9-1-1 services. Watch the panels featuring Hamilton NG911 below. Cyber Security Challenges and Opportunities for 9-1-1 Moderator:  Toni Dunne, ENP, National Account Manager – Hamilton NG911 Panelists:  Rob Leonard, Security Manager – Hamilton NG911 Jay English, CTO – APCO International Mark [...]

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What to do with Increased “Silent Calls” at PSAPs?


A new development for Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) has surfaced and, with it, an important mandate.  As more and more Legacy systems are upgraded to Next Generation an influx of innovative solutions have entered the marketplace.  Some designed for PSAPs, others for the general public—but few share the same timeline of implementation.  Such is the case with Real-Time Text (RTT). THE ISSUE The occurrence of silent, open-line calls (commonly referred to as “pocket dials”) may, in fact, be RTT calls.  And the frequency of such calls may likely increase. WHY Cellular providers have developed innovative solutions to enhance overall [...]

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Hamilton NG911 Joins iCERT Industry Council


Telecommunications Company expands Next Generation 9-1-1 focus through strategic collaboration with industry-leading organization.   July 24, 2019, Aurora, Neb. — Hamilton NG911, Inc., is pleased to announce its membership with the Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT), an organization that brings together leading companies involved in emergency communications and response technology. Hamilton NG911 was recognized as one of the newest members of the council during the NENA iCERT reception hosted at the 2019 National Emergency Number Association (NENA) National Conference & Expo in Orlando, June 16-19. Dedicated to providing technological advancements in the emergency services industry, Hamilton NG911 has been [...]

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Accessibility is critical; especially for individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf/blind or have difficulty speaking.  That is why, in the arena of public safety, accessibility for all remains at the forefront of the conversation.  One of the most important questions to answer remains: What does Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG 9-1-1) look like operationally for individuals with communication accessibility needs? Recently, Hamilton NG911 was featured on a video panel hosted by The NG911 Institute in effort to answer that pressing question.  Toni Dunne, ENP, Hamilton NG911 National Account Manager, served as a feature expert on 9-1-1 accessibility and forthcoming [...]




Last October, Hamilton NG911 was in Washington D.C. to speak on a key topic facing the public safety sector. The NG911 Institute hosted a Lunch and Learn on the issue of cyber security for PSAPs and 9-1-1 services.  Discussion lead by a panel of industry experts, government appointed officials and innovative tech companies covered a wide-range of points from legacy system drawbacks, IP-Network vulnerabilities and the stronger security infrastructure NG 9-1-1 provides. Robert Leonard, Hamilton NG911 Information Security Manager, was a featured panelist and shared unique expertise on the future of cyber / network security for 9-1-1.  The above video [...]

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